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Campaign Pledges

Updated: Apr 17

February 5, 2024


Memorandum For: The Residents of Sullivan County School Board District-5

SUBJECT: Campaign Pledges

1. I, Todd Allen McKinley, with this signed memorandum, do solemnly pledge to the residents of Sullivan County Board of Education (BOE) District-5 to adhere to and support the following areas, and more. Note: The U.S. & Tennessee Constitutions appear first, the rest are in alphabetical order, as each area is important.


A. The U.S. & Tennessee Constitution: I’ve sworn an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” on many occasions, which to me hasn’t expired since the first time I took the oath when I was eighteen (18) years old. When I’m sworn in, it will be a reaffirmation of that oath.

B. Accessibility: I will be available to every 5th district resident, which includes meeting with those who attend County BOE & Commission meetings, monthly social media town halls, quarterly in-person meetings within the district, weekly blog updates here to inform the public and provide links to important information, attending community functions, answering emails daily, and more. (

C. Budget & Public Comment Period: I'll never support needless spending, especially if there's no true direct benefit for the Students and Teachers of the 5th district and Sullivan County. Also, I’ll work to ensure the public has ample time, at least 30 days before any major action is taken, especially when it comes to spending millions of taxpayer money.

D. Education: Sullivan County students should be able to graduate with a well-rounded education, one that will equip them for the world that awaits them. As I say, an educated public is an employable public. That’s why every Teacher should have the pay & benefits, as well as the tools and funding they need to educate our nation's future. Remember, industry only moves into areas with an educated population. With a young, educated population, as evidenced across the country, local populations, from the young to the old alike benefit when this happens. More jobs mean more money in each area, which means more spending, which benefits local businesses and local governments through taxes, thus reducing the burdens on everyone, especially the working class as well as the elderly and aging.    

E. My Pay: Some of my pay will go to increase the amount of my current scholarship offered to one West Ridge Senior, plus I’ll likely add at least an additional scholarship.

F. Oaths, Ethos’, Creeds, and Values: Find out more here.

G. Safety & Security: The safety and security of the students, and every employee of the BOE will be a major focus of mine. While serving more than 20 years in the Army and having served in some of the most dangerous places on earth, including combat tours in Afghanistan & Iraq, as well as having served closely with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, especially the United States Secret Service and the Diplomatic Security Service and dozens of Regional Security Officers at various U.S. Embassy’s the world over, I fully understand personal and physical security and have assisted in the security of three (3) U.S. Presidents & Vice Presidents, and other world leaders. I’ll ensure that the proper resources are made available to ensure the safety of everyone at every school.  

H. Term Limits: I pledge to serve no more than two (2), four (4)-year terms in my lifetime.

I. Transparency: I will be honest in all I say and do and will keep the public apprised of everything I do when it comes to my duties as a BOE member.      

Todd A. McKinley, BA, MSL


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