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· Below are the titles of articles I published with, which is no longer a publication. If you want a copy, email, or message me, and I'll send you a copy.


· Even If It Would Be Like No One Even Knew We Was Ever Here

· A Pale Blue Dot or A Speck of Dust

· Un-Cancelled: Stopping Cancel Culture Within the Republican Party

· God Given Rights, Un-Constitutional Laws



· Census, Taxes, Refugess


· One Person Can Make A Positive Difference, Lobbying Done the Right Way

· Are Tennessee Elections Free and Equal

· Keeping Tennessee Republican Red, Requires Action Now

· The 2022 Midterms, Perhaps Our Last Shot To Save America

· Right Size The Federal Government, The Smaller The Better

· This Afghanistan Veteran's Response To Speaker Pelosi's Statement On Afghanistan

· Politicians Botched Afghanistan, That's Why America Needs Statesmen

· The 25th Amendment Not In Congresses Purview To Initiate


· Deep State: The Facts and The Fiction

· The 82nd Airborne Division and an Embassy Under Siege

· Covid-19 Virus: A Real Pandemic, With Out-of-Control Panic

· The Corona Pandemic: The Mass Media and The Mass Misinformation

· Clean Bill of Health​

· American Truckers: Continuing to Fight A Global Pandemic

· Campaigning, Not Coat-tailing

· On YourMark, Get Set, Go Campaign

· Dr. Manny's Prescription, Put Others First and Serve Selflessly

· The Obamas Again, No Thank You

· Political Apathy and Socialism Don't Lead to The American Dream

· If the Government Made...

· President Eisenhower: A Farewell Address and Other Warnings We've Ignored

· Fools, Fake News And The Mess We're In

· Non_partisan Elections: A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

· Economic Thought: Not Quite Econ 101

· 43'ers For Uncle Joe, and Some Reasons You Shouldn't Be

· The 2020 Election: Name Calling and Other Lies

· Could Freedom and Liberty in America Go Extinct

· Exodus: The Second Book and A First Principle

· Primary Elections: Closed, Open, or Both

· The Constitution and Some Overdue Amendments

· Facts Are Stubborn Things, and They Matter

· The Way Forward for America, Requires A New Mindset

· President Trump's Sliver of A Chance for Victory

· Joe Biden and His Imminently Short Presidency


· Attacking Iran: President Trump Was Right Not To

· Term Limits Should Be A Reality Not Just A Promise

· Red Flags: Fine For Football But Not Society

· One Way To Drain The Swamp: Elect Combat Veterans To Congress As We Always Place America First

· My Recent Border Tour Takeaways: Broken Promises, Broken Borders, and Broken Families

· Americanism: The Lurch Left and A Nation in Peril

· Constitutional Responsibilities: Has Congress Abdicated Theirs

· President Kennedy, Leakers, and the Press​

· The Census and How It Affects You

· Supervision, Good For Kids, Great For Elected Officials

· The Russians and Their Assets

· The Useful Idiots, The American Lefts March Towards Communism

· Gun Deaths: Facts vs The Democrats Fiction

· Fiscal Kick the Can, The One Thing Congress is Great At

· 2nd Amendment Sanctuary From Red Flag Laws

· Joe Biden: VPs Who Became President and Those Who Fell Short

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