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Civic & Other Associations

· Great Smokey Mountains Association (am)

· Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (lm)

· Ruritan National (Bloomingdale: The Largest Club in the Nation) (am)

Foreign Policy, Intelligence & National Security Associations

· Center for Security Policy (am)

· Intelligence and National Security Alliance (am)

· National Committee on American Foreign Policy (am)

· The Foreign Policy Association (am)

Historical Associations

· East Tennessee Historical Society (am)

· Tennessee Historical Society (am)

· Tennessee State Society (am)

· The Supreme Court Historical Society (am)

· The United States Capitol Hill Historical Society (am)

Honor Societies & Alumni Associations

· Alpha Phi Sigma (National Criminal Justice Honor Society) (lm)

· Duquesne University Alumni Association (lm)

· Pi Sigma Epsilon (National Chapter) (lm)

Military & Veterans Associations

 · American Military Retirees Association (lm)

· Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (lm)

· Army Historical Foundation (am)

· Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans in Canada - United States Unit (lm)

· Association of Former Intelligence Officers (am)

· Association of the United States Army (lm)

· American Legion (Home Post: Hammond Post 3, Kingsport, TN) (lm)

· American Legion: National American Legion College Alumni Association (lm)

· American Veterans (Home Post: TN Post 37) (lm)

· Disabled American Veterans (Home Post: Chapter 38, Kingsport, TN) (lm)

· East Tennessee Military Affairs Council (am)

· Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (lm)

· Marines’ Memorial Association (am)

· National Association of American Veterans (am)

· National Association for Uniformed Services (Disbanded) (lm)

· National Defense Industrial Association (am)

· National Military Intelligence Association (am)

· Non-Commissioned Officer Association (lm)

· Presidential Service Association (lm)

· Signal Corp Regimental Association (lm) 

· Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (lm)

· The Enlisted Association (am)

· The Royal British Legion (am)
· The Society for Military History (am)

· The National Museum of the United States Army (Founding Sponsor)

· The Retired Enlisted Association (lm)

· Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council (am)

· Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) (Home Post: Kingsport Post 4933) (lm)

· 17th Signal Battalion Association (lm)

· 35th Signal Brigade Association (lm)

· 82nd AIRBORNE Division Association (lm)

· 196th Infantry Brigade Association (lm)

· 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment Association (lm)

· 1600 Communications Association (lm)

Political Associations

· America First Republican Women (am) 

· Bristol Tennessee Republicans (Charter Member) (am)

· Bristol Tennessee Republican Women (Disbanded) (am)

· Carter County Republican Women (Disbanded) (am)

· East Tennessee Republican Club (am)

· Greater Kingsport Republican Women (am)

· Greene County Young Republicans (am)

· Hamblen County Republican Women (am)

· Hawkins County Republican Women (am)

· National Republican Club of Capitol Hill (am)

· National Republican Congressional Committee (am)

· National Republican Senatorial Committee (am)

· Republican Liberty Caucus (am)

· Republicans of Kingsport (Charter Member) (am)

· Republican Women of Johnson County (am)

· Republican Women of Sullivan County (Disbanded) (am)

· Sullivan County Republicans (am)

· Sullivan County Tennessee GOP (Member by Association)

· Sullivan County Tennessee Young Republicans (am)

· Tennessee Republican Party (Member by Association)

· Tennessee Republican Party Capitol Club (am)

· Tennessee Young Republican Federation (Member by Association) (am)

· Unicoi County Republican Party (am)

· Washington County Republican Women (am)

· Washington County Young Republicans (am)

· Young Republican National Federation (am)

Professional Associations

· Electronics Technicians Association (am)

· Information System Security Association (Tri-Cities Chapter) (am)

· Intercollegiate Studies Institute (am)

· Project Management Institute (am)

Public Policy Associations

· American Conservative Union (am)

· America's Future Foundation (am)

· Cigar Rights of America (am)

· Federalist Society (am)

· Gun Owners of America (lm)

· National Rifle Association (lm)

· Tennessee Firearms Association (lm)

Key: (lm) Life Member, (am) Annual Member 


Each category and organization therein are in alphabetical order.

Organizations may have different types of membership, but for simplification, I've only noted two types as seen in the Key above.

A few organizations don't have a typical membership process, therefore, an "am" in a few instances, means I've donated regularly or annually.

Some organizations have disbanded, but are listed for full disclosure.

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