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Veterans Suicide and My Late Best Friend Bradley J. Bush

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Folks, I've begun writing a book, with the working title "Veterans Suicide and My Late Best Friend Bradley J. Bush." Again, just a working title, but my point in this blog isn't to discuss titles, but to touch on the content. Before getting into what the synopsis is, I want to point out that I'm dedicating it to the memory of my late best friend and fellow Army Veteran and Paratrooper Bradley J. Bush (March 11th, 1975-December 24th, 2017), who committed suicide on Christmas Eve 2017, as well as the memories of every Veteran who’ve committed suicide, and their families.

In this book, my plan is to introduce you (the reader) to my late best friend through a series of short stories, and dozens of sayings Brad used regularly. But this will not be a biography, instead, it’ll serve as a reminder that life is precious, and that a Veteran or anyone who commits suicide is more than just a number or statistic, they are fellow human beings.

It's important to remember, that those who take their own lives, not only end their earthly existence permanently, but they affect the lives of those who loved and cared for them for the rest of their lives. Or, as I’ve heard it said, “suicide is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem(s),” but in reality, it only creates more problems for their family and friends. Now I get it, people who take their own lives do so for many reasons, such as, suffering from life-altering illnesses, and/or injuries that they’ve suffered through for years and will have done so for the rest of their natural lives. While others commit suicide due to mental illness, post-traumatic stress, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, or similar reasons.

Regardless, you’re not going to find any judgment, nor will you find me justifying a person’s choice(s). But, after I discuss Brad, I plan to shift the focus by pointing out ways every one of us can identify signs of someone who may be suicidal. I’ll also be adding ways any one of us can intervene by providing resources that can help those who may be feeling suicidal, as well as those who care.

Finally, I hope people will support me in this endeavor, given I plan to donate the proceeds from the sale of this book to support the American Legion’s “Be the One” campaign.

Todd A. McKinley, BA, MSL





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