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An Honor to Serve

Updated: Feb 29

Title: An Honor to Serve

It was my honor to serve our nation for a little more than 20 years in the U.S. Army, where I served in a variety of duty positions around the world, including 6 ½ years at the White House Military Office, and combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Upon my retirement from the Army, I turned down an opportunity to stay in Hawaii and work for the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center, which I played a small part in helping establish, especially the communications and technical infrastructure, which was a multi-million dollar project spread across several nations throughout the Pacific Rim. I also turned down several lucrative offers to serve as a military contractor overseas. Money would have to take a backseat, because I wanted to move back home to spend time with family and friends, and I'm glad I did, especially since many close family members passed away in recent years, including my mother Elizabeth Ann McKinley, my grandmother Sarah Conkin, my aunt Peggy Conkin, my uncle Ronny Conkin, several close family friends, and my best friend Brad Bush, who is one of the 22 Veterans a day who commit suicide. If I had taken any of those job offers, I would have missed out on spending time with them, especially the time I helped take care of my mom, grandmother, and aunt.

To continue to serve my community, state, and nation, I became active with Veterans Service Organizations, where I’ve served and continue to serve as an officer at various levels, and on local, state, and national boards, councils, commissions, and committees, which includes being serving as President of the Battle of Blountvill Civil War Military Park Association. I also host a monthly Veterans Coffee Roundtable in Kingsport, I sponsor a scholarship at West Ridge, and I'm working on a few books, one is about Veterans' suicide.

In my post-military life, in addition to Veterans Service, I'm active in politics, where I’ve had the honor to serve as a Young Republicans National Convention delegate, I’ve published articles, I co-host a weekly radio show called the Commonsense Conservatives, and I've done political commentary on a variety of shows, and on NEWSMAX a few times. I was also fortunate to serve with President Trump's Presidential Inaugural Committee, and an Advance Representative as a White House Staff Associate during the Trump-Pence Administration, as well as a Staff Lead for President Trump’s re-election campaign.

At present, I serve on the Sullivan County (Tennessee) Republican Party Executive Committee as a Member at Large, and I'm currently a candidate for Sullivan County School Board in District 5. Before asking you to vote for me, I must first ask you for your prayers, it's your support and vote that I must earn.

To learn more about me, feel free to look around my website.

Todd A. McKinley, BA, MSL


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