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Kingsport Times-News Questions (General Election)

Updated: Jul 5

Title: Kingsport Times-News Questions

1.) Why did you decide to run for this office? (Answer Limited to 50 Words)


The main reason is to serve as a bulwark against bad ideas, especially ones that flow from Washington, DC, and the “Woke” left, and to ensure that the resources we spend go to producing the best possible graduate, which means better Teacher pay & benefits, basically more money for the classrooms.


2.) Outline your educational and professional background and describe any past professional or personal experience that qualifies you for this office. (Answer Limited to 75 Words)


I’m a retired Army Paratrooper, Afghanistan & Iraq War Veteran, and Veteran Service Organization Officer. I’ve fought for the people of Sullivan County and it’s time they had someone to champion them on the BOE.


Bachelor of Arts: Homeland Security, Masters in Global Leadership from Duquesne University, Certificates in Executive Leadership and Leaders of Learning from Cornell & Harvard University, 1996 Sullivan North graduate, and dozens of military and technical certifications.


3.) What are your top priorities, if elected, and what specific initiatives do you aim to accomplish? (Answer Limited to 75 Words)


Boost Teacher/staff pay & benefits to compete for the best and brightest, implement a public comment period before spending large sums of money, all before naming sports venues after someone.


Additionally, I’ll work to promote public involvement when it comes to their school boards, which will serve to give everyone a voice in public education which is lacking across our nation, especially with many current county BOE members. Facts & honesty matters!


4.) What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of the Sullivan County Board of Education? Are there any changes or improvements you believe the school board should implement? (Answer Limited to 75 Words)

I know from years of experience that a lot of meaningful work can be accomplished in smaller groups, versus larger bureaucracies or committees which is a positive attribute the BoE has but underutilizes. 

Buckle down and solve problems by working with the county commission instead of simply blaming them for problems a few out-of-touch BOE members have created.


This can be rectified by voting for the Republican nominee (me) on August 1st

5.) Why do you think you are the best candidate for this office? (Answer Limited to 50 Words)


I’ve held our nation’s highest security clearance, a Top Secret/Secure Compartmented Information Clearance w/ Presidential level Yankee White access. I’ve served & led teams on dozens of diplomatic delegations around the world and have led Troops in combat successfully and have managed multi-million dollar projects with ZERO discrepancies.

Todd A. McKinley, BA, MSL


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